Stone city headquarter


FABRIC is invited to the contest to riqualify one of the building in the Bolgare BG The competition announced by Granulati Zandobbio intended to find the best design proposal able to convey its brand. Fabric designed a pure building like as a sculpted block of stone that reminds and reinterprets the brand’s most fa-mous product: the stone box.The facade is so developed by ar-ranging layers of stones in a gradient layout which runs along vertically by starting at the bottom and gradually dissolving upwards. The interior layout basically arranges all the required functions along a spiral. Starting from the main space at the ground floor up to the top all the functions could be performed all around in a flexible configuration. top temporary exhibitions could be host in the main hall by using the stairs as sea-ts for the attendants


Marzo 2017




6900 m2


Concept Design