Hotel Panoramico


"La forma anonima lascia spazio a due nuovi volumi sovrapposti"

FABRIC was engaged by REVALO S.p.a., a company specialized in Property Service, to make a concept for the general renovation of its Canazei Hotel. The project focuses on the opportunity to create a different e recognizable building thanks to hosted functions and external shape itself. The anonymous form leaves way to two new overlapping volumes. The ground one more public, the upper one for bedrooms. Several new activities contribute to making the site attractive. FABRIC designs a central external spa to relax surrounded by mountains, the large square and patio just outside of the building with a restaurant where to chill out after a day of skiing and the comfy superior suites. For greater target availability the entrance is moved closer to the parking lots and the building itself is positioned farther from the wood for a better illumination and the maximization to solar exposure.


Marzo 2019 // presente




Lavori in corso


2000 m2


Concept Design
Due Diligence
Studio di fattibilità

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