Villa pianetti

Contest - Hospitality

Luxury Country resort & spa

As a restoration and renovation project, the summer residence of a well known italian family has been in adaptation to a boutique hotel, offering an array of accomodation options spanning both short escapes and long term stays. The concept starts with the desire to maximize the value of the Villa while preserving its historical and aesthetic characteristics. Essential in defining the interior spaces is the interplay of contrasts between the antique and the modern, the aim achieved through the use of minimal materials and furnishings. All the distinctive elements of the Villa are emphasized through the use of reflective materials, allowing for replication, mirroring, and expansion.The common areas are approached with a contemporary interpretation of traditional luxury, in full respect of the stylistic features that characterize the spaces. For its beauty and grandeur, the entrance of the Villa is utilized for various functions. Thanks to its decorations and grandeur, the entrance of the Villa can be used in a completely flexible manner and become the enchanting backdrop for weddings and luxury events.


December 2022




3000 m2


Concept Design
Interior Design

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