colliers italia


“The new Colliers offices”

The new Colliers offices in the prestigious location of Corso Matteotti 8, prioritises a space that enhances social interaction and collaboration between employees and clients. The design language and material palette is aimed to reflect the prestige of the company to their institutional clients, following their corporate colors and guidelines.With the floor area spread over 1300 sqm in three wings, the central entrance area is transformed into the ‘core’, acting as a welcoming space for employees and institutional clients, functioning as a hinge in between offices, meeting areas and social zones.The layout provides a wide array of spaces for both formal and informal use scenarios and scales, adaptable meeting rooms, a dedicated screening room, as well as common desks for flexible working, and phone booths for individual work in the open spaces. Various amenities such as coffee counters, print areas, break rooms and lockers are placed strategically throughout the office, by collaborating with the Colliers team to understand the needs of each department.


December 2022 - August 2023






1300 m2


Feasibility Study
Concept Design
Definitive and Executive Drawings
Site Management