Urban Center Metropolitan Roma

Public Space | COMPETITION

Sculpting Rome of the Future

Awarded second place by the Municipality of Rome, Chamber of Architects of Rome, and the "Resources for Rome" initiative in regard of Expo 2030, the competition project for the new Urban Centre draws inspiration from the desire to transport the vibrant essence of the urban city into an enclosed space, thus becoming a laboratory that reflects the continuous metamorphosis of the city itself. Our vision embraces the idea of the city as a living organism in perpetual change, where spaces shape and evolve, just like the streets and buildings that are shaped by architects, urban planners, and the community itself. Within our environments, each visitor assumes the role of a sculptor, their own urban experience finds an intimate refuge where they can explore, experiment, and shape their perception of the city. The Urban Center thus becomes a magical place, a genuine artistic laboratory where the metropolitan city of Rome is molded, where one can "shape" the city like a statue. Here, every citizen is invited to actively contribute to the creation of their own urban world. As in art laboratories, the installations transform into changing works, the furnishings dance lightly, and the artworks become interactive channels that narrate and listen to the stories of the city and its inhabitants.


January - May 2024




Completed - 2nd Place


1550 sqm


Concept Design
Detail Design