Unipol Sai s.p.a.


“Sensazioni organiche in una giungla di cemento”

FABRIC has been invited by the Client to propose a concept design that improves the general quality of the external areas surrounding the seven office towers. The new masterplan takes origin from the deep analysis of the existing conditions from different points of view: vehicles circulation, pedestrian paths, car parking, green spaces, signature and communication.FABRIC view creates priorities: a rappresentative and functional entrance to the business park, a new vehicular circulation separated from the pedestrian paths (the new boulevard), green liveable areas spread around the park, a completely new communication & signature design. A massive renovation of all the pedestrian area strengthened by the addition of a brise soleil system above all the groundfloor porticos.


Marzo 2013 // presente




Lavori in corso


23000 m2


Concept Design
Interior Design
Design dei dettagli
Amministrazione del sito
Salute & Sicurezza
Project Management
Art Direction
Definitive and executive drawings